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Become a teacher

Have you gotten exCYTed? Then become a teacher!

Join the movement: earn money by sharing what you know. #CYT it!

Start earning money by sharing what you already know. This can be any knowledge, any skill or experience.

In short: how does it work?

  1. Become a teacher: create your profile by clicking the ‘Get Started’ button below. Once you’re done, there’s a movement of learners waiting for you to share what you know!
  2. Personalize your profile by listing everything you’re good at: knowledge, skills, experience… Make sure to explain with every new talent you list why you’re so good at what you’re doing. What kind of person would you love to teach? How do you like to teach? Tell us as much as possible about you and your skills! Want to know more about listing your talents? Check our How to: Listing your talents.
  3. Charge what you like: the price of your class is all up to you.
  4. Update your availability in the calendar connected to your profile. This is where learners can book you.
  5. You’re ready to share your talents! Let’s get started!

When a learner decides to book you, they will request a booking. Unless you enabled ‘instant booking’ while adding your talent, you will receive a message of this request and you are able to approve or decline this booking. After acceptance, you see the contact details of the learner, so you can get in touch. As a teacher, you are free to charge for your talents as you like, however a commission over the booking fee is used to cover service costs. You can find the service costs charged in ‘Wallet’.

Earning money by sharing what you know

Teach whenever you like

Going to Paris this weekend and you could use some extra money? Teach some extra classes and you’re ready to go! Are you stressing over deadlines? No worries, your availability is all up to you and easily adjustable.

If you want to keep sharing and keep earning money with teaching after the first class, make sure to request a free VAT number (BTW-nummer). As a teacher, you decide when you share your knowledge and skills, so you decide how often you teach. Because of this, you are responsible for your VAT return (BTW-aangifte). No worries, this sounds more complicated than it is! Check our How to: VAT return as a teacher for more information.

Yes, I want to keep sharing and earning money with what I already know!