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How to: Listing your talents

Yes, you are going to share your talents with the world! Start by clicking Add Listing and it’s time to start listing your talents. Do this one by one: every listing is a new talent. In the process of listing the talent, you have a couple of options to choose from. We recommend to use the following;

  1. Make sure to enable the contact widget, so that learners can ask you questions about your level or methods. 
  2. Opening hours are optional, later on you will be able to specify time slots in your availability.
  3. Enable pricing and booking services if you want to offer extra services, additional to the talent you have listed (for instance when you offer an atelier or needed attributes). You can add the price here, or offer them for free. Attention: don’t put your talent here, or people will book it twice. 
  4. Enable the booking widget.
  5. Enable and update your availability.
  6. In the booking prices and settings you set a regular price. This is the price either for an hour during weekdays, or for an hour during the weekend, for 1 learner. It is possible to set a price per learner. If you want, you can also set a reservation fee. When someone books you, you receive a booking request, which you can approve or decline. By enabling instant booking, a learner can book you and the booking will instantly be approved. 
  7. Once you submit your newly listed talent, you might get a message saying ‘your listing has been saved and is pending payment’. If you chose for the free package, obviously you don’t need to pay. If you have a paid package, please pay so that the listing becomes active. You can find all your listings (active/pending/expired) in the ‘My listings’ page. 

Repeat this process for as many talents as you like, because life is better when you share. Cite it, CYT it!